Industries supporting the Demolition and Asbestos Industry and the Association are many and varied as these services are required by a large number of private clients, community, private, corporate and government organisations. Recycling companies, Landfill operators and Logistics, including excavation and transport companies. 

Other organisations that provide practical support, such as safety, equipment and material suppliers, concrete cutting, training and labour hire companies, air/dust monitoring, fit and material testing, testing laboratories, occupational hygienists, environmental, occupational health and safety specialists, contaminated soils and remediation specialists, asbestos and compliance assessors and audits.

Along with these there are other professions such as Human Resources, Engineering, Town Planning, Environmental Law specialists, Contract and Construction Law specialists, Disease, Accident and Workers Compensation specialists, as well as General, Business and Personal Law and Insurance specialists.

While this may not be an exhaustive list it provides and picture of the variety of supporting businesses keen to support this industry.



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