Asbestos laws for homeowners

New asbestos laws in effect from 18 June 2007 for homeowners, renovators and owner builders

From the 18 June 2007 there are new asbestos laws that will affect homeowners, owner builders and do-it-yourself renovators.

These new laws are to protect you, your family and your neighbours from possible health risks caused by asbestos during renovation and building work. The laws provide information on what asbestos is, the health risks of asbestos, what it looks like and where you could find it and how to work with asbestos safely.

Important changes include:

  1. If you are removing more than 10 square metres of asbestos, you will need to get an asbestos removal licence or employ someone with one
  2. Safety precautions must always be taken when working with asbestos
  3. Asbestos waste must be immediately double wrapped or double bagged in thick plastic, sealed with tape and labelled with an appropriate safety warning
  4. Asbestos waste must be disposed of at a council approved site as soon as possible
  5. Asbestos must never be cleaned with high pressure water cleaners, compressed air or cut with power tools (eg. circular saws, sanders, angle grinders)
  6. Removed asbestos must never be stored, sold or given away.

A copy of the new laws is available here.

Safety precautions for renovators

This section provides you with information about how to legally and safely work with asbestos from your home.

While the chance of inhaling asbestos fibres increases when renovating, the risk to your health is very low if you take the necessary safety precautions.

Look after your health and the health of your family and neighbours by making sure you follow the law and our safety tips whenever you work with asbestos.

Remember, before starting a DIY job with asbestos consider:

  • If it is in good condition (eg. undamaged), can you leave it alone?
  • Do you know the alternatives to removing the material containing asbestos (eg. painting or sealing, covering with a non-asbestos product).
  • Should you use a licensed asbestos removalist?

For further information please call 1300 QH info (1300 744 636) or click here.

If you are renting a property and suspect there is Asbestos:

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